User name: FireDragon150

Character Name: Zyre Oakwood

Age: 32
Sex: Male
House: House Eisengold

Height: 6' 0" (slightly above average)
Weight: 181 lbs (average/slightly built)
Hair color: Copper
Eye color: Blue

Archetype/Concept: Scout/Ranger

Disposition: Humble, Loyal
Mannerisms: Terse speech, Honor-bound, Animal Lover
Distinguishing features: Cuts on forearms and hands (from falcon)

Factions/memberships/oaths: House Eisengold

  1. Immediate: Complete tasks assigned by Lord
  2. Medium:
  3. Life: Ensure personal security, Settle down within a "safe haven"

  1. Jorrel Eisengold - Thinks highly of; Zyre is a scout/ranger under his command
  2. Nkosazana Hill - Friendly with, but slightly intimidated (size-wise) by
  3. Edgar Fyste - Met while traveling in North
  4. Benu - Close friend/family; Zyre's falcon

Personal History/Backstory
Born in the Westerlands, much of Zyre’s early childhood has been forgotten due to the untimely death of his entire family at a young age. But, after miraculously surviving in the wild for an unknown amount of time, a feral Zyre was found and rescued by [FOSTER PARENTS] Oakwood, who raised the boy as their own. The Oakwood family helped restore the child to a fledgling member of society in their small, unnamed village, teaching him basic literacy, fighting, and survival skills. The new Zyre Oakwood would also help work on the family farm.

Here, Zyre learned how to handle animals, at a young age learning how to ride and tame the surliest of beasts. He also spent a great deal exploring the surrounding lands, often getting lost in the woody hills surrounding the farm. Thankfully, his survival training smartly included how to find his way back.
Soon after being found, when he was assumed to be about 8 (the Oakwood family set his assumed age as his actual age from then on), he made the acquaintance of Theron Drake after following the road, instead of diving into the forest. The two young boys quickly became the best of friends, mounting even more adventures into the “unknown” wilderness around their homes.

When he was about 12, he and Theron went on one such expedition with the intention of bringing back a surprise deer for their family. After tracking and killing a deer, the two realized that they had become so engrossed in the hunt that they were now lost. Thankfully, the smell of their fire roasting deer attracted the attention of a few members of the Eisen Guard, who happily pointed the boys in the right direction. After exchanging pleasantries and some meat as a thanks (and to lessen their load) the two returned home to relieved families.

This friendship would continue for many years. As the two got older and their minds more often wandered to “adult” topics, Zyre found himself in an unsure position. While Theron would often become enamored speaking of the girls down the river or the tales of beautiful women in the cities, Zyre could not find himself feeling the same way. This was not completely true though, as Zyre hid his growing suspicion and feelings for Theron, rather wanting to remain close friends then lose his friendship over revealing them.

When Zyre was 18, and at the urging of his parents, he decided to temporarily take leave of the small township to sort his life out. His planned journey was to leave for a year and head to the North, to learn the ways of the Northsmen in their great, untamed lands. With great fanfare and goodbye, Zyre headed out on the first day of his journey. Theron followed him out for the first day, and that night the two shared a moment, only confusing Zyre more if his friend was merely being overly friendly (as he was accustom to act) or hinting at something more.

Pushing this out of his mind, Zyre continued North and for a year and a half honed his training. He made sure to be kind to those around him, and in turn learned a great deal. Especially, Zyre found himself near the lands of House Fenshaw, where he became enamored by the illustrious unit: the Falcons of Autumn. While never joining them, as he wished to return home in the end, Zyre learned the basics of their trade and taming a young falcon he named Benu.

Feeling the journey not so lonely anymore, Zyre made a quick pace back to his hometown when he felt ready, only to find the town burned to ashes from a raider attack. He was unable to find signs of life, only the indistinguishable burned bodies of his fellow man. Even after heading west to the coast and asking nearby townsfolk what they knew of the destruction turned up nothing.

Upon reaching Nemisport, Zyre Oakwood signed up for the Eisen Guard, remembering the small kindness the unit had shown him in the past. Here, he would quickly leap through the ranks with a heavy dose of luck, dedication, and of course, Benu.

Current biography
To this day, Zyre Oakwood still serves the Eisengold family, his loyalty planting him as a ranger directly under Jorrel Eisengold’s command. Zyre thinks highly of his Lord, though is often times still star-struck about working so closely with a man of such great standing. In equal presence, Zyre (both unfortunately and fortunately) made the acquaintance of Nkosazana Hill. While slightly intimidated by her large stature, Zyre is friendly with her and thinks of her as a close friend. Zyre feels as though his life is beginning to get back on track, but rarely finds himself awake at night wondering whether his old friend still lives.

Notable skills
  • Animal Handler/Trainer
  • Adept Climber and Swimmer
  • Athletic and Agile
  • Bowman
  • Literate
  • Perceptive
  • Survivalist
    • Some Healing
    • Adept Hunter and Tracker

Notable equipment
Phantom - Zyre's Horse
Phantom - Zyre's Horse

  • Double Curved Bow (Ammunition (12))
  • Dagger
  • Hard Leather Armor
  • Clothing: Everyday and Courtier's
  • Horse (Rounsey)
  • Backpack and Pouch (Belt)
  • Tent/Bedroll
  • Waterskin
  • Rope
  • Far-Eyes
  • Firemilk
  • Coins: 4 Gold Dragons, 153 Silver Stags, 30 Pennies

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling

Train 1B, Ride 1B


Swim 1B, Climb 1B


Notice 1B
















Bow 1B








Track 1B, Hunt 1B






Destiny Points:

  1. Animal Cohort - This animal is extremely loyal to you and aids you in combat. So long as your animal cohort is adjacent to you or your opponent, you gain +1D to Fighting tests. Should the Animal Cohort die, you lose this benefit and the Destiny Point you invested.
  2. Blood of the Ironmen - Once during every combat encounter, you may choose to add +1D to Fighting test. You must make this decision before you roll the dice. In addition, each time you test Athletics while at sea, you may re-roll a number of 1s rolled equal to your rank in the specialty that best relates to the test.
  3. Lucky - Once per day you may re-roll a single test. You take the better of the two results.
  4. Night Eyes - You never suffer a penalty to tests when attempting them while in areas of low light. You still suffer penalties as normal when in darkness.

  1. Honor-Bound - You must re-roll all 6s on Deception tests and take the second roll, even if it’s worse than the first roll


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3
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