Name: Wisps of Qohormu134wn2-s.jpg
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Religious
Size: Relatively large, as the place is an abandoned crypt
Condition: Old, but made of stone so stable.

Inhabitants: There are about 10 who secretly worship the Black Goat here, including Jorn Mallac. Half of them are from Qohor.


In the past the location was used as a crypt for the wealthy merchants of the city. Once it filled up, it was left abandoned. Over the years families have forgotten about their buried ancestors, as the descendants of these folk often have ambitions in life that shroud their memories of the dead.

There is nothing but a cracked stone block 5 feet by 5 feet with an old creaky door that leads down into the crypt. The stairs are stone, and so is the interior of the crypt. The crypt holds about 100 bodies in coffins that lay in slots in the walls. Recently lit torches hang along the walls indicating that the “abandoned” crypt may have been visited as soon as last night. The floor is splattered brown from the dried blood of sacrifices made to the Black Goat. In the center of the room is a small statue of the Black Goat on the floor.

The worshippers of the Black Goat found this place a secret haven for their religion. They sacrifice calves, dogs, cats, and other small animals to the Black Goat. On special holy days they sacrifice larger animals like horses, or if they are lucky they may abduct a criminal to sacrifice.

The group knows the power of sacrificing a noble’s child and wishes they could find a willing participant. After much deliberation they have come to the conclusion that any servant to a noble would be better than animals, even if they are unwilling. For the sake of the city blood must be shed in the name of the Black Goat.