noble.jpgName: Wilym Vanoras
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Archetype: Noble
Location: Rhaenys Hill
Affiliations: House Vanoras

Character Background and Description
Wilym Vanoras is a rare case. While most nobles would make it their goal to improve the reputation, status and success of their houses, Wilym is a noble who seeks to use his influence and wealth to improve and aid the lives of the people beneath him. Enthusiastically styling himself as a champion of the poor, downtrodden and less fortunate than he, Wilym has caused no short measure of dismay and misfortune to his already failing house, squandering his own wealth and his house's wealth on a whim to fund his latest project to help the peasantry of king's landing or to randomly bestow a gold dragon or several dozen onto a beggar's lap. With almost no forethought as to the consequences of his actions or how they impact the fragile stability of his house, some are convinced he is slipping into madness. Wilym does dress in a gaudy manner, similar to nobles of his caliber, and his dark hair is thick and curly, though shadowed by his bright and genuine smile. The first-born and only child of House Vanoras, an old, but failing house, it would seem he is keen to blow all of its wealth away even if only to help one poor sot on the side of a muddy street in fleabottom.