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Dive into the fiction from the Tales from King's Landing

ENGL 543: Game-Based Fiction

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Topic: "Tales from King's Landing"

Rochester Institute of Technology

Mo/We/Fr 2:00PM - 2:50PM | Eastman (EAS)-1310

Instructor: Prof. Trent Hergenrader
Email: wthgsl@rit,edu
Office: Liberal Arts 06-.2317
Office hours: 1:00 - 2:00 Mo/We but appointments preferred

Course Description - "Tales from King's Landing"
In this section students will be using the Song of Ice and Fire Role-Playing Game: A Game of Thrones Edition to collaboratively create new districts and locations in the sprawling city of King's Landing. In small groups, they will create own unique noble houses complete with sigil and house words, and then they will create their own player characters who become enmeshed in the intrigues of the capital city. Knowledge of Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire world is useful but not necessary. Previous college-level creative writing workshop experience strongly recommended.

Required Texts:
  • A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: A Game of Thrones Edition. Kenson, Stephen, and Robert J. Schwalb. Seattle, Wash.: Green Ronin. 2012. Print or PDF.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: A Game of Thrones Edition : A Setting Sourcebook for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying. Chart, David. Seattle, Wash.: Green Ronin, 2012. Print or PDF.

The Kingdoms


The Houses


"Tough As Iron,

Bright as Gold"

"And How We Rise"

"Live or Die

By Chance"

"Ours By Blood

or Bane"

House Eisengold

House Fenshaw

House Rhyferth

House Sekhmet

The Characters

The World





Westeros Places

King's Landing Places

  1. 'Golden Hands' Drogen
  2. Aerik Woodwen
  3. Ahrora Nahaar
  4. Alix Himan
  5. Anderon Buckwell
  6. Anron Templeton
  7. Arewi Mellon
  8. Arthen Trinidar
  9. Arving Fowler
  10. Asten Errol
  11. Ayara Eisengold
  12. Ballaphos Foraar
  13. Balos Elante
  14. Benu
  15. Beran Dreimen
  16. Bracker Roxson
  17. Bracks Pryor
  18. Bradyn Eisengold
  19. Brod Darwood
  20. Carn Himan
  21. Castellan Cerran Fender
  22. Castor Steffield
  23. Channer Rhyferth
  24. Conin Hornbrooke
  25. Cruel Eyed Septa
  26. Daltis Long
  27. Daman Santerly
  28. Dameon Fyste
  29. Darlyne Storm
  30. Darvin Kell
  31. Destran Fentus
  32. Dextran Garner
  33. Dire Finches
  34. Domerik Hunder
  35. Donnel Moyne
  36. Drevyn Myatt
  37. Duncan Snow
  38. Edmun Blackfyre
  39. Elric Magnus
  40. Elyse Rhyferth
  41. Emilya Reed
  42. Entan Bywater
  43. Eon
  44. Erac Rowan
  45. Ethon Hogg
  46. Ferrus Karon
  47. Fulgrim Quake
  48. Garen Morbrook
  49. Georic
  50. Gerick Embury
  51. Gimble
  52. Gimmlet Roadweary
  53. Grik
  54. Jacque Lorgath
  55. Jane Ausan
  56. Jemma Rosewood
  57. Jenna Tarsh
  58. Jorn Mallac
  59. Josian Sloane
  60. Kalder Jannirok
  61. Keepers of the Track
  62. Kegan Bayle
  63. Kradok Sekhmet
  64. Kyra Bayle
  65. Lanner Chandyll
  66. Larris Varner
  67. Lexia Hergold
  68. Lilden Eisengold
  69. Lina Wars
  70. Lowphus Wholeblood
  71. Lucan Cherman
  72. Lyla Ashford
  73. Maester Cayde
  74. Maester Gylan
  75. Maester Kober
  76. Maester Tobin
  77. Melevik Dounis
  78. Milah Teague
  79. Morgan Veritas
  80. Nalia
  81. Peoter
  82. Qarzha Hill
  83. Ranel Fenshaw
  84. Rass Snow
  85. Raynard Fenshaw
  86. Rhadevik Twenty Tongues
  87. Ronard Rhyferth
  88. Rysna Toolor
  89. Sabarro and Eshedor Velkene
  90. Sana Rhyferth
  91. Sarissa Fenshaw
  92. Say-kat Sand
  93. Ser Arabasir Uldomvar
  94. Ser Khurt Turse
  95. Ser Twig
  96. Ser Yeeg Drazeel
  97. Serena Finley
  98. Sibas Qorgyle
  99. Steadfast On Sanctuary Lake
  100. Tacy Spenler
  101. Tareth Merrick
  102. The Dauntless Fleet
  103. The Eisen Guard
  104. The Falcons of Autumn
  105. The Malvers
  106. The Sons of the Sand
  107. Tian Rui
  108. Tristin Bloke
  109. Triva Lorch
  110. Veni
  111. Vrodan Thrindor
  112. Willard
  113. Wilym Vanoras