BromwoodOates_zps4d4b0ac9.pngName: Vrodan Thrindor
Age: 50
Sex: Male
Archetype: Personal Guard
Location: Dorne
Affiliations: House Sekhmet

Character Background and Description
The personal guard of House Sekhmet has seen more than his fair share of combat. A veteran of many years dealing with bandits and other houses alike, Vrodan is known for both his prowess in battle and his exceedingly blunt manner. A man of few words, his rise through the ranks was entirely through skill assisting in keeping the hamlet on the lake safe from bandits and doing well in tournaments. Many wonder if this unflappable man even has a vice and they would be very surprised. Being very religious, Vrodan often looks for answers in his prayers to the seven and recently he has begun to question his faith. The constant fighting wears on everyone differently and with these questions to faith he has begun to pray more and become a bit more reclusive. Still though, he places duty over even his personal questions and refuses to let it impact how he fights or how he protects his charge, Krodak Sekhmet's first born son. Amusingly enough Vrodan almost acts as more of a father than Krodak has, teaching the young man how to fight and act in court. The young man is also probably one of the few people to ever see Vrodan smile as the middle aged warrior takes great pride in the boys accomplishments since he has no children of his own. Vrodan really only has himself to blame in terms of love though since most women would prefer to have a companion that they can converse with regularly. In terms of looks, Vrodan has the hair that many salty Dornishman would have but unlike the bulk of those in Dorne he chooses to wear a full beard despite the heat. This beard does help cover up some of the scars gained from battling in his youth and many would even consider it very handsome but again, his lack of words and committal to duty have rendered him without a paramour.