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Name: Veni Lorraine
Sex: Male
Archetype: Shop owner
Location: Silk Adornments
Affiliations: Rumored: House Targaryen

Character Background and Description
Veni Lorraine comes from a family lineage of shop-owners and businessmen, eventually descending somewhere from Essos. His family once owned multiple shops throughout the wealthy districts of King's Landing, however over time all but one either closed, burnt down, or were shut down. He currently runs Silk Adornments, a silk shop that has come to represent the last of the Lorraine's once-great business empire in King's Landing. It is over two hundred years old, and quickly became a favorite of royalty from House Targaryen. Unfortunately, the Mad King's reputation was unjustly passed down onto Veni, and many wealthier citizens purposely avoid shopping there, still believing him to be a Targaryen loyalist. Nevertheless, he maintains his business and hopes to stay out of politics, of which so many men and women have died for.