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User name: ChesTaylor

Character Name: Tugg

Age: 16 (Born in 282 AC)
Sex: Male
House: House Eisengold

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair color: Sandy brown
Eye color: Slate-blue

Archetype/Concept: Body double to Bradyn Eisengold

Disposition: Humble
Mannerisms: Nervous
Distinguishing features: Sandy-brown curls, slate-blue eyes, prominent cheekbones.

Factions/memberships/oaths: House Eisengold

  1. Immediate: Convincingly portray Bradyn.
  2. Medium: Not be deemed unnecessary (and killed/imprisoned).
  3. Life: Be rewarded for loyal service to the House with a calm, comfortable lifestyle.

  1. Lord Jorrel Eisengold -> Tugg respects Lord Jorrel, who has treated him kindly during his training, as a not-quite-fatherly figure.
  2. Nkosazana Hill -> Tugg is in awe of the exotic spectacle of Nkosazana, and admires the freedom that she has over her life.
  3. Tychys Nahaar -> During a visit to Nemisport, Tychys learned of Tugg and his role as Bradyn's body double, leaving Tugg terrified that Tychys will reveal his identity.

Personal History/Backstory

Tugg was born in a small cottage outside Nemisport. His father worked in the mines, and his mother sold fish for a merchant in the market. Tugg lived a happy life with his family until around the time he was 10, when his father died in a rare mining accident. His mother was overcome by grief, and one night, weeks after the accident, she disappeared. She was found by the dockworkers the next day, drowned. With no immediate family to support him, he took to wandering the streets, a homeless orphan. He befriended various other street urchins and some of the sailors spending time on the docks, and though he was filled with youthful charm, his friends couldn’t help but notice a certain pessimism about him.
Hunger eventually drove Tugg to begging, and when handouts were scarce, to thievery. A spry youth, he often managed to escape with his pickings unnoticed. One fateful day, about six years after the death of his parents, he was apprehended while attempting to make off with the coinpurse of Maester Tian Rui as he wandered the market.
The sole legitimate heir to the Eisengold name, Bradyn Eisengold, had been suffering from a wasting disease which the maester had been struggling to cure. Lord Jorrel had made known his intention to begin bringing Bradyn to various meetings away from the House beginning in his sixteenth year, which was prohibited by Bradyn’s illness. Other lords, as well as King Robert, would expect to see a healthy heir brought with Jorrel to indicate a strong family line. The maester recognized in his chance marketplace encounter a solution to the latter problem.
Tugg, having a remarkably similar face and build to that of Bradyn, was pardoned of his crime after a mere whipping, and was taken in by Tian Rui (with the Lord Jorrel’s permission), where he has trained rigorously to learn how to impersonate a lordling.

Current biography
Tugg currently serves as Bradyn Eisengold’s body double, and shall continue to do so until Bradyn either recovers or dies. His goals are simple: do a good enough job of impersonating the heir to satisfy the lord of the house, avoiding being cast back into the streets, thrown in jail, or executed. Tugg lives in constant fear of being declared unnecessary; however, Lord Jorrel treats him fairly, and maester Tian Rui has been kind during his lessons, so Tugg feels a great deal of respect for his lieges. Tugg dreams of a day when his duties to the House will be complete, and Lord Jorrel will reward him for loyal service by granting him the means to living a peaceful and comfortable life.


The Joker Touchstone: Witness to Great Loss

Following the events surrounding the Hisser plague and the trial of House Sekhmet, Kevan Lannister named Lord Jorrel Eisengold the “Lion of the Sea” in reward for House Eisengold’s loyal service to the Crown and the Westerlands. In addition, Tugg was to be made a squire to Ser Jaime Lannister; however, that Tugg was not actually Bradyn Eisengold remained a closely-guarded secret of Lord Jorrel. Jorrel had acquired much knowledge in King’s Landing that could be used to cure his sickly heir, but the real Bradyn was still far too ill to leave Lyonhall, let alone serve as Ser Jaime’s squire. The decision served many purposes: Kevan Lannister was satisfied, House Eisengold got to keep up appearances as having a healthy line of succession, and Bradyn’s reputation continued to grow.

Tugg performed his duties loyally, enjoying the benefits of being associated with such great names. Tugg’s tutelage under Ser Jaime was rather short-lived, however. After leading Lannister men against the forces of the traitorous northern Lord Eddard Stark in the streets of King’s Landing, Ser Jaime fled from King’s Landing to join forces with his father, Lord Tywin. Ever the loyal squire, Tugg accompanied him. Tugg witnessed firsthand the Battle of Riverrun and the consecutive siege. Tugg was never a fighter, though, and at the Battle of the Whispering Wood became separated from Ser Jaime. Tugg escaped the wrath of the Northerners and Riverlanders with a group of Lannister men, who eventually saw to his return to the Westerlands.

Bradyn Eisengold had fared well under Lord Jorrel and Maester Tian’s care, and Tugg was deemed no longer necessary as a body double. For loyal service to the House, however, he was rewarded with an advisory role to the recovering lordling. In his waning years, Tugg was fond of telling the tales of his youthful exploits as a lordling and as squire to the kingslayer. His friends and family never quite believed him, however.

Notable skills
While not a master thief, Tugg has some experience with picking pockets in order to feed himself.
Maester Tian Rui has rigorously trained him to be able to impersonate a lordling of the Westerlands. Such training prominently featured poise, speech and mannerisms, heraldry, and how to read and conceal emotions.

Notable equipment
- Noble's Garb (Some changes)
- Signet Ring
- Dagger

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling



Swim 1B

Run 1B


Empathy 1B




Disguise 2B

Bluff 2B


















Blend-In 1B








Destiny Points:

  1. Courteous
  2. Blood of the Ironmen
  3. Favored of Nobles

  1. Drawback 1
  2. Drawback 2


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty