pottermore_background__hufflepuff_common_room_by_xxtayce-d6wp662.jpgName: The Tufted Titmice Headquarters
Location: Rhaenys Hill
Type: Thieves Guild
Size: A three story building
Condition: Very good, well-maintained

Inhabitants: Conin Hornbrooke (Guild Master), 10 seasoned thieves (including Jenna Tarsh and Beran Dreimen), 8 initiates, 7 well respected servants,

From the outside, you wouldn't suspect this building is the headquarters of one of the most notorious thieves' guilds in King's Landing. It's a nice house, three stories of pale brick and stone with a balcony on the third floor. The interior consists of many rooms, with larger common and group sleeping areas on the lower floors. These bedrooms house numerous beds, each with an adjacent desk, were the initiates rest. Paintings and exotic furniture are strewn about the main hallway, all of which from legitimate trade. The second floor has individual rooms for older members, as well as a small library and goods storage. Most of the storage room is blocked off by a fake wall, with the visible part storing the legitimate products of the guild master. Conin's bedroom is on the top floor, as well as the servants quarters (a means to ensure further cooperation), a guild meeting room to plan larger scale thefts, and a private bathroom.

Everything is maintained by many well-paid servants, all carefully chosen by Conin, as are his thieves. Conin recruits young, taking in orphan boys and girls off the street. After a few days in his home, he offers them the opportunity to join, promising them food and riches. No child has ever refused. The Tufted Titmice, named after Conin's favorite songbird, are very close knit unity, with its members living together for several years of their lives to discourage betrayal. They don't care about status, willing to steal everything and anything for their own gain. Though many consider them to be a problem, blackmail and bribery have ensured the guild's headquarters remain secret.

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