female_blacksmith_by_thomaswievegg-d6d9jxk.jpgName: Triva Lorch
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Archetype: Blacksmith
Location: Falcon's Perch
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description

Triva Lorch is in her early twenties.. She has short cropped brown hair to prevent it getting in her way in the forge. Her occupation has made her surprisingly muscled for her small build, and she shows the signs of a life spent laboring. She’s incredibly stubborn, but quiet - instead wanting her work to speak for her.

Triva is an abnormal blacksmith. She practiced her trade in the hills of the Barrowlands, working iron from the scrap tools her family had. Her father and mother were older when they had her, and her mom died in childbirth. Her father had to stop working the forge since he couldn’t stand the heat as he grew old, and taught Triva to assist him. As she learned more, she began taking on more duties until she performed all of the jobs in her father’s name Unable to get an apprenticeship due to being a woman, she was stuck with her meager implements. However, she became quite deft at repairing broken tools, specifically the picks and spades of the nearby miners. Eventually, her father couldn’t keep up the charade anymore, and let her work under her own name. She became a trusted craftsman in her local community, especially for her low prices, but she found it difficult for visitors or quartermasters to trust her work.
But being a popular skilled worker in a small border town proved problematic. Her town got raided by the Red Claws, during which her father died and she was captured. Forced to repair the bandits weaponry, her trade kept her alive. She showed skill in working on anything from horseshoes to axes - not enough to stand up to artisan smiths, but her works would at least keep their edge for a battle or five. Despite her tenure at the camp, she always remembered their execution of her father, and never thought of forgiving her captors.
Her two year stay ended with a raid by Fenshaw troops. Tipped off by a frightened miner, they found the camp Triva was held in. During the confusion, she was captured as a bandit prisoner. The captain was unconvinced that she was a blacksmith, until she pointed out her signature on the weapons she repaired. Then she was taken for arming the bandits.

During the trip back to the Falcon's Perch, she managed to convince the captain that she had been captured from her settlement. She was able to give some information about nearby bandit camps, but admitted to being confined to only one due to the difficulty of moving her tools. However, she was still held as a prisoner upon reaching their destination, and was sent to the forges to support her story. Despite her lack of apprenticeship, she managed to produce better quality works than her senior. Ebben appointed her to the roll of hall blacksmith, as a way of repayment for her father’s death and her capture.

Her appointment was not smooth, however. The old blacksmith had to admit she outperformed him, but still balked at being replaced by a woman. The castle guard took months to begin trusting her with repairs, and initially only allowed her to work on horseshoes and tools. But she took the insults in stride, desiring to take refuge in the forge and not in arguments. She still has much room to improve, but has become a fixture of Falcon's Perch in recent years. She may not be fully trusted, but her work is, and she has given up trying to convince others of her innocence.

Image source: http://thomaswievegg.deviantart.com/art/Female-Blacksmith-385077800