external image 1a32fa55951e734cb3e237967ceae614.jpgName: Tristin Bloke
Age: 28
Sex: M
Archetype: Hedge Knight
Location: The Ruby Roast
Affiliations: N/A

Character Background and Description
Tristin Bloke is a lost knight hailing from a forgotten banner house in the North. After losing his lord and house to a rogue Wildling attack, Tristin found himself without a purpose in the world. Battered and broken from the loss of his house and family, Tristin wandered all around Westeros until landing at The Ruby Roast in King's Landing.

Since leaving the North Tristin has traveled from inn to inn drinking his life away. He now resides within The Ruby Roast establishment and works there as added security to stop the frequent fights that plague its halls. Getting paid in room and board Tristin acts very content with his current life but deep down he awaits the chance to serve and protect another lord or nobility he deems worthy of his talents. Until then he drinks his days away with a smile on his face, hoping to find that one lord to serve.