Name: Toad's Treasuresexternal image d8bbe3d43fb824143ef871b9160641a4.jpg
Location: Waterfront
Type: Jeweler
Size: Small
Condition: Rundown

Inhabitants: Groad "Toad" Tunder, Hissers

Toad's Treasures is best described as odd. It is less of a craftsman's storefront, and more of an eye opening experience. Most of the things you'll find Toad selling, you wouldn't normally find anywhere else. As you walk in the store front you will be immediately greeted by the smell of wet and muddy undergarments. A quick look around and you'll see mostly see dusty glass cases filled with crudely crafted "jewelry". Toad makes the jewelry himself, from things he finds in the Waterfront district, as well as nearby rivers and run off from the streets. If you are looking for a twine ring with a button for a gemstone, or a necklace made of fish bones and scales, you would be wise to shop here. There is one case at the very back of the store, that Toad protects with his life. In it are some of the most dazzling pieces in his collection. It is believed they are pieces of jewelry that were stolen from the many inhabitants of King's Landing, but Toad would tell you otherwise.