Name: Tian RuiTian Rui.jpg
Age: 67
Sex: Male
Archetype: Maester
Location: Nemisport, Westerlands
Affiliations: House Eisengold

Character Background and Description
Tian Rui hails from Yi Ti, far to the East of Westeros. Not much is known about Tian's life before coming to Westeros, but records indicate that he began training at the Citadel at the ripe age of seven. Spending 20 years learning at the Citadel, Tian left at the age of 27. Although the citadel happily accepted and taught him in spite of his heritage, many others were unbecoming, and looked down on him because of it. As a result, Tian spent some time as a wandering hermit, applying his talents here and there before one day finding his way into the service of a noble house. One day, as fate would have it, Tian was enjoying a meal in at an inn when a young lord and his entourage arrived. The boy, terribly ill, needed immediate medical attention, which Tian was happy to provide. The young lord took a liking to Tian and offered him a position with his house, House Eisengold to which Tian happily obliged.

Tian wears his white hair and beard long and despite his many years, has been able to maintain an impressive state of health. Around Nemisport, it is not uncommon to hear rumors of Tian performing feats surprising of an old man. While it is clear that Tian had a tough past, those who know him well will attest to his kindness and sincerity. Particularly proficient in medicinal disciplines, Tian currently serves House Eisengold as their chief medical resource, an adviser to Jorrel Eisengold and by managing the waning health of the Eisengold's sole heir, Bradyn Eisengold.