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Character Name: Theodan Berikson

Age: 41
Sex: Male
House: Fenshaw

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blueish Gray

Archetype/Concept: Leader/Fighter

Disposition: No-nonsense, but helpful to those that he views as his responsibility.
Mannerisms: Traces things with his fingers when deep in thought, or nervous.
Distinguishing features: Scarred torso and a thin scar running down the bottom portion of his neck.

Factions/memberships/oaths: Fealty to House Fenshaw

  1. Immediate: Serve and advise the young lord.
  2. Medium: Keep the lands of House Fenshaw from descending into lawlessness.
  3. Life: Raise a good and fair lord.

PC Relationships
  1. Edgar Fyste (Distrust, but mutual respect)
  2. Emond Roebeck (Trust and reliance)
  3. Ser Ulfric Uller (Rivalry)
  4. Nera Dragen (Somewhat aware of)

Personal History/Backstory
Born in 254 AC, to an adviser of Lord Colmar Fenshaw, Theodan was raised to serve the House.

His mother died during childbirth, and he had no older siblings. This left his father, a busy man, with few feasible options. Because of this, Theo grew up alongside the Fenshaw sons in Falcon's Perch, and though there was the occasional argument and fight that broke out between the three of them, they all became fast friends in time.

He and Bran loved the same girl in their youth, but Bran eventually won her over. Theo would meet the woman who became his wife on a visit to Erricstead a few months later. They had met before, but not in any romantic situations. He married Egret Cauthon roughly a year later, in 270 AC.

When the two Fenshaw sons rode to aid in Robert's Rebellion, Theodan came along as well, acting as the coordinator for House Fenshaw's paltry military forces. For the duration of the conflict, he would act as buffer between the troops, Bran's enthusiasm, and later on, Eben's rage at the loss of his brother.

During the battle where Bran was killed as a result of a disastrous rallying charge, Theodan had been engaged in intense man-to-man combat with the knight Ser Ulfric Uller where the first cavalry charge had been met. The pair fought for so long, with neither side gaining the upper hand, that they were forced to call a draw and head off to where they were needed most.

With Gerick Embury's help, Theo managed to salvage the House's role in the campaign, and keep the Fenshaw's from losing face. Because of this, he was gifted the rule of the Roost, and with it command of the Falcons, as Eben would need to take up the vacancy that his brother left at Falcon's Perch.

After the fighting had quieted down, Theodan and Egret lived for a years in peace over in Erricstead, where they tried for a child, but to no avail. Tragically, after a particularly disastrous failed birth, Egret fell deathly ill, and passed away within the month. Stricken with grief, Theodan handed command of the Roost over to Donnel Moyne, and returned to his old apartment in Falcon's Perch in 289 AC.

Once he had somewhat recovered, Theo took up his role as a trusted adviser and friend to Ebben Fenshaw, until his lord died in 295 AC, leaving behind a son, Raynard Fenshaw.

Current biography
When our story begins, Theodan has recently stepped down from his two-year stretch as regent of House Fenshaw, and again taken up the role of adviser, alongside the mischievous Edgar Fyste. His experiences in the past lead him to recommend for cautious action, while his counterpart tends toward risky political ventures. Theodan sees his present role as a teacher and protector of Raynard, and so tries his hardest to dissuade him, both from these plots, and the young lord's own reckless sense of adventure. Theo also recognizes the young wisdom of Ranel Fenshaw, and will back up many of her ideas with his own authority.

While he currently bears no military title, outside of adviser to the lord, all troops of House Fenshaw know of his reputation and reliability, and so will generally follow any order that he barks at them.

Looking back, Theodan would place the events of King's Landing just behind those of Robert's Rebellion in the competition for the lowest moment of his life. Its repercussions followed him throughout the rest of his days, but Theo made sure to not let it define him. A few years later, when Ranel returned to Falcon's Perch with the son of a minor noble family, Theodan once more gave up the title of 'regent' and took up his true role as an adviser.

Edgar had left, his actions in the city leaving the wily man untrusted by all. Shortly afterwards however, Theo asked Nera to take up his old position as spymaster for the Fenshaws, a proposal which she readily accepted. As time passed, she came to surpass her old master in every way, bringing in land, wealth, and notoriety to the house through her various schemes. Unfortunately, in her confidence Nera took one risk too many, and was killed while on an espionage mission to King's Landing. She died three days before Ranel was to return home.

But for every death, it seems life flourishes somewhere else. In this case, it was Sarissa, the bed-ridden mother of Ranel, and wife to the late Ebben Fenshaw, that the old gods smiled upon. In the year after Raynard's death, her illness lifted, and she became a formidable political force within the house. There wasn't a single decision Theodan made that escaped her scrutiny, and the pair often butted heads. Theo went about making choices that would objectively benefit the house, while Sarissa fought valiantly for outcomes that would help her daughter, either by protecting Ranel's personal choices in marriage, or establishing useful trade relations, which Theo had almost no skill with.

After Ranel took her place as head of the house (her husband seemingly having no issue with this arrangement), the two backed away from the political scene. They still offered advice and counsel to the young lady, but she appeared to have a firm grip on the situation. Her time living with the Starks seemed to have paid off.

It was during this time of relative quiet that the two began to realize their true feelings for each other. The emotions were never as strong as those of their first loves, but the tragic losses of those partners was one of many similarities that tied them together. So it was under the beaming eyes of Aerik that the two of them were married within the godwood. Ranel watched from the window, a conflicted smile playing across her face.

To the north, storm clouds could be seen roiling in distance; massive pillars that seemed to stretch out and smother the sun itself.

Winter had arrived.

Notable skills


Nimble, once he's warmed-up

Notable equipment
Castle-forged bastard sword - "Mercy"
Small Sword

Ring armor and Breastplate

Courser-breed horse

706 silver stags left over

Abilities (default value = 2)




Dodge, Quickness

Animal handling













Long Blades














Blend in




Sleight of hand




Destiny Points: 1 remaining

  1. Weapon Master
  2. Blood of the First Men
  3. Favored of the Smallfolk

  1. Nemisis - Duncan Snow


Intrigue defense

Combat defense

Full (Ring and Breastplate):6 Partial (Ring only): 8

defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3 + 2 (blood of the first men)