Name: The White Hillstand-of-trees-on-snowy-hill-_a1c4339-hokkaido-japan.jpg
Location: The North
Type: Land
Size: large
Condition: Covered in snow, hard to traverse
Inhabitants: No inhabitants

Near the Barrowlands in the North lies The White Hill controlled by House Fenshaw. It was named the White Hill due to it's icy exterior preventing normal passage over it. No matter the time of the year, snow always covers the White Hill and makes traversing across it dangerous for ordinary travelers. Many scholars have tried to find a reason for it's ever lasting snow and ice but none have come to an educated conclusion. For the temperature surrounding The White Hill is much milder and there seems to be no reason for the temperature to drop once you reach The White Hill. Legends surround The White Hill, saying that it's cursed. Many of the peasants under House Fenshaw dare not go near the hill for fear of being cursed themselves. They believe that White Walkers had traveled there at one point long ago and that they tainted the land to remain winter forever. With winter approaching again soon, villagers are even more afraid of going near the White Hill and only travelers from the South have dared to go near it for they believe the White Walkers to be nothing more than myth.
Since the land itself is covered in snow and the temperature is always below freezing, there is no sign of life on the White Hill except for a stray direwolf who may cross it from time to time. Nothing can be grown on the hill, and since villagers are too afraid to come near it, a road was never built through. It remains in isolation surrounded by fear and myth, with few eager to try to unravel the truth surrounding The White Hill.