Name: The White Dunes (House Sekhmet Kings Landing Residence)
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Tavern/ Hostel
Size: Collection of a few small buildings
Condition: Immaculate condition

Inhabitants: Renters both from Dorne and other countries, Inhabitants from the Sand Borough, Kearen Sekhmet. In total several dozen people live within the Dunes including the House Sekhmet party. Jaxson Slatefire

The White Dunes are a collection of buildings within the Sand Borough that were claimed by a landlord after Robert Baratheon came into power and many Dornish left for their homeland. Rented out with preference given to those hailing from the south but taking in all kinds of people, this small collective of hostels is populated but not to bursting like you might find in other areas of Kings Landing. Because of its placement, the White Dunes are extremely close to some of the Dornish spice markets and food stalls as well as the Kings Gate allowing for many new travelers to find their way into the one of the many buildings comforting white walls.