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Name: The Venerator
Category: Cloak
Size/weight: Medium/Large (generally fits all over 5'8)
Rarity: Extremely
Value: Extremely
Uses: Eloquence

Location: (Rumored) Silk Adornments

Description: The Venerator is rumored to have been the same cloak purchased by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Veni had apparently, as the legend goes, obtained it in an accidental shipment from Essos, almost immediately storing it away after recognizing its quality and value. After waiting a few months to ensure no one came back asking for it, he finally decided to display it for customers to see. This caught the attention of Rhaegar Targaryen, who demanded to know where it came from - a question Veni could not answer. Admitting the full truth, Prince Rhaegar's next demand was to have it delivered to the Red Keep by sundown. It's a mystery what, or for how much, Prince Rhaegar paid Veni for the cloak - but whatever it was enabled Veni to emerge from massive growing debt.