mtg-rob-alexander-plains-theros-magic-the-gathering.jpgName: The Trodden Plains
Location: The North
Type: Grasslands
Size: Large
Condition: Cultivated

Inhabitants: Farmers and brewers

The grasslands that envelope the hamlet of Erricstead, and comprise most of Eastern holdings of House Fenshaw. In the past, the only real use for these lands was for cavalry to ride through them unimpeded. In recent years, farmers have started to convert small patches for harvesting grain and barley. Because of this, a brewery has sprouted up in Erricstead, and the area has become locally known for its beer.

The Trodden Plains get their name from hosting countless small skirmishes between the Falcons of Autumn and the marauding bandit groups. The odd house or barn dots the landscape within a few miles of Erricstead, though a few hermit huts can be found in the farther reaches.

If your path takes you through the Plains, be sure either become either proficient in weaponry, or travel with someone who is; as bandits will prey on those who they take to be easy targets.