Name: The Thorn Shrine
Location: Visenya's hill
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Type: Library
Size: Small
Condition: Maintained to poor. The bookshelves hide the peeling paint, but the interior is a mess and the exterior incredibly worn.
Inhabitants: A worker and occasionally the owner. Maester Tobin visits to try and decipher The Book of the North

Visenya’s Hill is known for the Great Sept of Baelor. It’s not known for The Thorn Shrine. This small library sits near the bottom of Visenya’s Hill, squeezed in between two larger mercantile buildings. This religiously themed establishment doesn’t cater to the seven, but rather to the plethora of other historical beliefs. The cramped space has lead to interesting architecture, as custom made bookcases cover the walls of both floors.

A staircase separates the door from the clerk’s desk located in the rear, creating a divide even when first entering. The eccentric store collects books and writings on all religions, from the First Men to the latest approximations to studies of the Drowned god. The Thorn Shrine has made few friends among the traditionally religious in Westeros.

However, it has proven a great resource for visiting maesters or diplomats, and the little shop loves tourneys and diplomacy, as it promises a new influx from that audience. While its initial founding in 276AC was met with some resistance and protests, many currently try to ignore its presence.

The books are often in a state of disarray, with the management constantly trying to find a more efficient way of organizing the stock. As such, visitors might have to search through more piles than bookcases to find the desired work. Prices are also unusually low, except in times of expected political gatherings, as the Shrine has a hard time moving inventory, due to its nature.
The local priests and septons have repeatedly petitioned to have Thorn Shrine relocated or closed, but their paperwork gets ignored or lost.

The help often rotates out, as it’s a position few want to keep for long. The dust, smell of old stained paper, and unapproved material adds up to a high turnover of workers.

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