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Name: The Talon
Location: The North
Type: River
Size: Moderate
Condition: Hospitable, arable

Inhabitants: Territory of House Fenshaw. Home to The Roost, which sits in-between the second northern split from Broken Branch.

The Talon is a moderately large sprawling river located in the southeast region of The North, northeast of White Harbor. It is home to many scattered water mills, breweries, hamlets, and small villages. It's historically known for its ability to provide the local inhabitants with a natural form of defense from both invaders and barbarians alike. During the harsh and unforgiving winters Westeros experiences, especially in The North, it's been a place of solace from inhabitants of The Dreadfort, Hornwood, and even Winterfell. Mainly those wishing to shelter newborn infants and provide them with slightly warmer weather will temporarily relocate along The Talon. Additionally, the southern edge of the river does not freeze over unlike many of the rivers throughout The North during the winter, acting as a constant source of fresh water.