approaching_the_prey_by_kamikazuh-d5584z3.jpgName: The Sons of the Sand
Archetype: Guild
Location: Barren Heel, Dorne

Character Background and Description

Of the many dwellers of the Barren Heel, none are as lowly and villainous as The Sons of the Sand. A gang formed shortly after the crushing defeat of House Osiron by House Sekhmet, consisting of the remaining soldiers of House Osiron that went into hiding in the waste of the barren heel. They will sometimes be tempted by offers of coin by lost travelers that have fallen off the beaten path, however they will just as soon slit a throat and allow the sand to cover their tracks.
It is not uncommon for member of the Sons of the Sand to be seen in small holdings across the desert stretch, but they can also be seen in shady part of towns offering various forms of protection to people in desperate need. Whether they will either actually protect you or leave you for vulture food is entirely up to them.