Name: The Sizzling Vermin
Location: Flea Bottom
Type: Restaurant
Size: Cavernous
Condition: Grungy

Inhabitants: Lowlifes, Peasants, the starving masses

A large underground restaurant, the Sizzling Vermin, is home to a host of parasites, both human and animal alike. It is oddly owned by a nobleman named Anderon Buckwell, although he prefers if the Gold Cloaks don't know about his propriety of the establishment. Based in the dreary cellar of a run-down building in scenic Flea Bottom, this kitchen produces food using very unique methods and ingredients. It is commonly known that rats are a staple of the establishment (cooked, live, or human) and their scent permeates the cold damp cellar atmosphere.

Thieves will generally avoid the Sizzling Vermin, as most of the locals that dine there have no money or possessions worth stealing. However, this is also an excellent market for knowledge on the city's lowest denominator, and it isn't uncommon for gold-cloaks to visit and "speak" with guests (this typically involves briskly removing from the tavern and beating the information out of them, if threats don't get them answers), especially Willard the Beggar. So if you ever find yourself on the wrong side of Flea Bottom, stop in for a pint of what probably isn't piss and a skewer of the tastiest vermin money can buy.