Name: The Shimming Shanty
Location: Aegon's Hill
Type: Public tavern/brothel
Size: Moderate to small
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Condition: Run-down, filthy

Inhabitants: City folk (middle & lower class), Thieves, Travelers, Alcoholics

The Shimmering Shanty is an otherwise unremarkable tavern and brothel, one of many that mark the street corners and alleyways of King's Landing. From common folk to shady maesters, the tavern has seen its fair share of visitors and guests. Occasionally, patrolling soldiers will stop by in-between shifts to take advantage of what it has to offer, but most do so quietly. The occasional drunkard will wander from the Shanty and fall into a nearby city fountain. Although it's only a mere two-feet deep, no less than 5 drunkards per year meet their unfortunate end after drowning in the fountain.

Thieves are rumored to frequent the Shimming Shanty, although this is simply hearsay considering every tavern in the city has some form of rumor associated with it.