dubrovnik-backstreet.pngName: The Sand Borough
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Community
Size: Several Blocks
Condition: Well kept/run down in other areas

Inhabitants: Dornish, Tacy Spenler, Daman Santerly, Arthen Trinidar

The Sand Borough is a small Dornish community
Its located right off The Street of Steel in Visenya's Hill district. It was established shortly after Dorne joined the Seven Kingdoms a token of good faith given to the Dornish from the Targaryen's.

It was a large thriving community when the Targaryen's were in power, but has since then slowly whittled down in populace since Robert Baratheon took the Iron Throne. Most returned to Dorne, those who stayed have maintained the area.

The Borough was meant to be a slice of Dorne, so to help create that atmosphere you will find merchants who specialize in exotic wares such as spices, food, and other Dornish goods.

It's a very tight knit community in the Sand Borough, the inhabitant here take care of and look out for one another.