external image 40f24d16e2038faf695ddd931b15408d.jpgName: The Ruby Roast
Location: Rhaeny's Hill
Type: Service: Restaurant
Size: 1000 Square Feet
Condition: A little old and Battered

Inhabitants: 3 Grill staff, 4 Wait staff, 1 Host/Owner. 40 Maximum occupants, Tristin Bloke, Garen Morbrook

Specializing in slow cooked meats the Ruby Roast caters to all folk looking for a feast. Located in the Rhaeny’s Hill district of Kings Landing, the Roast has a tradition of catering to young men on their name day. It’s colorful name is from the lighting of the venue. All windows are made with Red stained glass, and all lanterns shine behind a red filter that gives the whole restaurant an erie glow. It is rumored that the lighting is actually to hide the bloodstains from all the fights that break out by the bar. The special meal of Ruby Roast is Leg of War, this is a slow roasted pigs leg that only four are made of each day. Many of the fights that have stained the Roast are believed to be over this dish.