the_lost_tower_by_sedeptra-d3boyxv.jpgName: The Roost
Location: The North, Erricstead
Type: Tower
Condition: Good Upkeep
Owned by: House Fenshaw

Inhabitants: A medium force of troops. The Falcons occasionally stop by for resupply.

The Roost is an extension of House Fenshaw's reach into the eastern northlands. It was built by Colmar Fenshaw in 251 AC to better defend the hamlet that would later be named Erricstead. The tower's name is in reference to the Fenshaw's signature cavalry troop, the Falcons of Autumn.

The Roost serves two main functions, the first being to provide the Fenshaws with a solid foothold in the east. The second reason is a subset of the first, to give the Falcons a well-stocked and defensible base from which they can make raids into bandit territory on the edge of Fenshaw lands.

Ebben ruled from this tower when his family’s holdings were split between himself and Bran, though he returned to Falcon’s Perch, and sent Theodan Berikson to take command of the east’s defense. For many years, Theo watched over the eastern holdings, and helped to thwart to machinations of Duncan Snow’s bandit uprising. However, when Egret died, Theodan was so stricken with grief, that he decided to hand both the town and tower over to Donnel Moyne’s safekeeping, and retired to Falcon’s Perch where he became an adviser to Lord Ebben. Moyne still holds both the Roost and Erricstead for Eben’s son, Raynard.