NineArmsOfHell.jpgName: The Nine Arms of Hell
Location: Flea Bottom
Type: Underworld (pit fighting arena)
Size: Large, located underground beneath several dwellings
Condition: Good, for Flea Bottom

Inhabitants: Cruel Eyed Septa

The Nine Arms of Hell is perhaps the single most brutal arena in Flea Bottom. Those who enter into fights there are typically one of two types: desperate, or foolish. Once per month, the arena holds a contest in which nine contestants are pitted against each other in a fight to the death. The sole survivor is given his or her entrance fee back, along with the entrance fees of the other eight participants. This disturbing contest is considered a great spectacle in certain underworld circuits and is generally not known to the public, else a vigilante, if not the Gold Cloaks themselves, would have done something to end it.
Despite the reputation, many of the poorest of citizens see this arena as a means of changing their station in life, at least slightly. If not for such folk, the Nine Arms of Hell would likely go out of business. The arena is the location of the Ferryman's Cup.

Those who organize the fights have gotten ahold of wildfire. The fights have become even more brutal leaving the winners scorched. It is poured around the arena and lit mid-fight to add variance to the fights. It is generally done only for the last fight of the day because the smell of burnt flesh ends up clearing everyone out.

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