Name: The Golden Toolsexternal image Beginners%20tool%20kit.JPG
Category: Utility Items/Tools
Size/weight: 20lbs/ about the size of a large tackle box
Rarity: Uncommon
Value: 840ss or 4gd
Uses: Blacksmithing/Crafting

Location: Drogen's Forge, blacksmith shops across King's Landing

Description: Not named due to their color or metal of the material but after the great works have art that have followed their use. The Golden Tools is a set of blacksmithing tools that would seen as a prized possession in any worthy smiths collection. These are very finally made and durable tools that believe to last a life time without succumbing to much ware and produce the finest of weapons and armor alike. They can be found at many blacksmith shops in King's Landing and are in high demand but at a steeper price.