Cavalry.jpgName:The Falcons of Autumn
Archetype: Veteran Cavalry
Location: The North
Affiliations: House Fenshaw:

Character Background and Description
The Falcons first rose to prominence at the Battle of Long Lake, where they led the charge with their lord Erric Fenshaw. While they suffered losses at this battle, the veterans proved themselves to be a formidable fighting force, and quickly became Fenshaw's elite unit when he went about purging the bandits from his land.

Between then and now, the military strength of the Falcons has waxed and waned depending on the Lord. Ronnet Fenshaw left them idling within the Perch’s stables, while his son, Colmar, retrained the unit and used them to great effect in his own bandit-purging campaigns.

The open grasslands that spread across House Fenshaw’s holdings are perfect for cavalry to operate in. A fact the has proven itself again and again with every bandit raid that the Falcons repel and destroy.

The Falcons saw a great deal of combat during Robert’s Rebellion, initially following Bran Fenshaw as he charged south. Upon his death, their command was taken up by Ebben Fenshaw, who lead them with the help of Gerick Embury.

Only a few veterans from the Rebellion still survive, but they are a dangerous group to contend with.