external image Belagerung_von_Calais_1346-1347.JPGName: The Eisen Guard
Location: Lyonhall, Sunfall Coast, Nemisport, surrounding areas
Affiliations: House Eisengold

Character Background and Description
The army of Eisengold is approximately 300 men strong. It consists of two major forces: the terrestrial garrisons and the amphibious sailors.

The garrisons are a defensive force, usually set to protect major locations, trade routes, and the people who call themselves loyal to House Eisengold. Most commonly, they fend off invaders from the Iron Islands looking to pillage the terrace farms along Eisengold's hills. There exists a small schism between the trained forces and the greener troops. Older men remember the battles they have fought in fondly, such as the Robert's Rebellion and assisting in the Greyjoy Rebellion. Newer troops have seen far less combat, as since then the realms surrounding Eisengold have been relatively peaceful, with Iron Island attacks less common.

The sailors of Eisengold are both an offensive and defensive force to compliment their amphibious nature. They are trained in both the art of war on land and overseas, spending large periods of time aboard the Eisengold's fine fleet. Sailors within all ranks come from a mixed background. Many join voluntarily or are conscripted, and a portion of their ranks have also once been criminals, given a second chance.

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