medieval_town___back_alley_by_beere-d4pw7j4.jpgName: The Dragon's Tail
Location: Flea Bottom, about a block southeast of the Dragon Pit (Having issues placing on the map)
Type: Tavern
Size: Medium
Condition: Very old, but sturdy

Inhabitants: Bracker Roxson, Smallfolk, thieves, spymasters, anyone who just wants to drink and eat good food in peace.

The Dragon's Tail has managed to survive as long as it has because of a few factors; it's stone-laid, fire-resistant exterior, the fact that the tavern is widely recognized as a place of truce, and a long line of barkeeps who reinforce that truce with frightful skill, along with a soot-stained sword named, 'Quiet'. This combination has allowed the tavern to remain in business since the days of Blackfyre's Rebellion.

There are some who say that a barkeep from the Tail can face a member of the Kingsguard in combat, and leave him bleeding in the streets. Those are just rumors though. Obviously.

The Tail's patrons are a rather eclectic bunch. First there are the locals, who've grown up with the tavern a walk away, and who the barkeep, known to them as Georic, treats them like his own family, as his father did before him. Next come the harder elements of the city, who need a place to relax without fear of a knife in their back. The barkeep doesn't tolerate wanted criminals in his establishment, but he will turn a blind eye as long as he doesn't recognize any faces from the wanted posters. And finally, there are those from the upper rungs of society, who drink and eat at the Tail for reasons of their own.

They could be a disguised lord or retainer that wishes to get a better understanding for the pulse of the smallfolk, but they could just as easily be an assassin, or a spy, or even a spymaster, laying low and gathering information. But occasionally, even they just stop in for a drink and a talk with Georic.