Name: The Den
Location: Rhaenys' Hill
Type: UnderworldFlagon-cistern_skyrim.png
Size: Deceptively large
Condition: Excellent

Inhabitants: Elite Thieves' Guild members, Darvin Kell plays outside, Jemma Rosewood frequently visits

If one approached this plain, squat building, all they would notice is a wooden slat on the door at eye level. Most people don't even get that close, but if one was a friend to the King's Landing Thieves' Guild, they might be allowed in with a sufficient... offering. An offering of gold, of course. Beyond the ordinary door lies a lavish, elaborate den, dug deep into the earth as a home - or workplace - for some of the most devious denizens of King's Landing. While nobles may play the game of thrones, these thieves play the game of money and, as evidenced by their -humble- abode, are winning.

The Den is currently used as a safehouse, hideout, planning and staging area, and a home for elite thieves to rest and restock. The area around the building is, ironically, one of the safest places in King's Landing since the thieves - a superstitious lot - refuse to prey near their home. They have no qualms, however, killing those who cause them trouble, whether it be near or far.