Name: The Dauntless Fleet
Archetype: Veteran Warshipsexternal image Pirate-fleet-e1380133739390.jpg
Location: Nemisport
Affiliations: House Eisengold, Fulgrim Quake

Character Background and Description
The Dauntless Fleet, the military power house of House Eisengold that protects its shores and trade routes. Composed of 5 massive warships that have become the pride and joy of House Eisengold, each ship is named after and ancient hero in House Eisengold's history. But the fleet itself is named after its unwavering force and determination in battle. Each ship has its own captain that fall under the command of Fulgrim Quake, the Fleet Commander.
  • Doran, Captained by Qhorrin Blake. Known for showing no mercy during the Greyjoy rebellion, he never took a prisoner.
  • Raven, Captained by Jon Spade. Known for commanding the fastest of the ships, Jon Spade is also the most soft spoken of the 5 captains. Without speaking a word he guides his men about the ship.
  • Eurys, Captained by Fulgrim Quake. Known for his many naval victories and current commander of The Dauntless Fleet.
  • Aden, Captained by Brok Grim. Known for his jolly nature and brute strength, Brok is as fearsome on the sea as he is on land. Whenever there is a need to fight, the Aden is always the first into the fray.
  • Mordrake, Captained by Lucian Pyke. Known as a former pirate and bastard from the Iron Islands, he was captured and convinced by Fulgrim Quake to add his skills to The Dauntless Fleet.

The Pride of the Sea: small traveling vessel brought by House Eisengold to King's Landing.

Current Status:
As of Jorrel's trip to King's Landing during year 298, the Mordrake has left Nemisport to accompany Jorrel and The Pride of the Sea for protection. Meanwhile the rest of the fleet are continuing their patrols around Nemisport and it's trading routes.

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