apothecary.jpgName: The Crescent Cauldron
Location: Aegon's Hill
Type: Scholary
Size: Small two story building
Condition: Old but well kept

Inhabitants: Elric Magnus

Located on the Hook in Aegon's Hill The Crescent Moon is a local Alchemist's Workshop. The Crescent Moon is owned and operated by Elric Magnus. He wanted to open a shop to help the locals gain access to all kinds of herbs, spices, and elixers. He also uses the shop as a testing grounds for different type of elixirs. Most notability known for his creation Dragon's Breath.

Crescent Cauldron is a small wooden two story shop, the exterior of the is shop is old but well-kept.

When you walk into the shop you'll be in a mostly dark interior with light only coming from the window by one of the display cases and from candles scattered around the tiny shop. Looking around you will find shelves stocked full of jars, vials, and boxes filled with various herbs, spices and liquids. There is a store room in the back where Magnus keeps his more expensive merchandise and ingredients.

The upstairs is very bare compared to the store on the main floor, up their you will find Magnus' bedroom and a spare bedroom.