old-leather-bound-book-7196950.jpgName: The Book of the North
Category: Book
Size/weight: Large and heavy
Rarity: Extremely
Value: It's value cannot be measured since it is not available for purchase
Uses: Information Gathering

Location: The Thorn Shrine

Description: Located in The Thorn Shrine in Visenya's Hill is an old, weathered leather bound book simply titled The Book of the North. It includes an extensive history of the North, including legends such as Bran the Builder. It discusses all of the geographic locations and uses of certain plants that can only be found in the North. It has artistic depictions of Godswood and of the Old Gods. Overall it seems to be just an old book talking about the North, but for any Northman they know this to not be the case. The facts in the book may seem right at first, but there are slight differences that wouldn't be noticeably to anyone but a Northman. The book contains secrets about King's Landing and its various inhabitants, with only a Northman with enough cunning and smarts to be able to deduce from the riddles of the book. Rumor of this book has been spoken of for generations, with only few Northmen actually seeing the book for themselves and even fewer deciphering its code.