external image 67-01.jpgName: The Black Sept
Location: The Street of Steel, Visenya's Hill
Type: Religious
Size: Blacksmith's workshop on the outside, cozy shrine on the inside
Condition: Well-maintained

Inhabitants: Septon

More of a shrine than an actual sept, the Black Sept, or the Sept of the Smith as it is sometimes called, was once the workshop of a blacksmith of little skill or repute (now long dead). Legend states that when unable to pay the tax collector, the man prayed to the Seven and was granted the skill to forge a magnificent iron statue of the Smith, seven feet tall and exquisitely detailed. So finely wrought was the statue that the blacksmith was deemed to be in communion with the Seven, and was declared a septon. The workshop was converted to allow worshipers to congregate about the statue, which stands there to this day. It is common practice for craftsmen along the Street of Steel to leave failed works by the foot of the statue in supplication for improved skill at their craft.