Name: The Bedraggled Mare
Location: Flea Bottom71zoe7tEjdL._SX425_.jpg
Type: Gambling Den
Size: Very Small
Condition: Run down, Dingy

Inhabitants: No More than 30 people at any time.

Description:The Bedraggled Mare is fitting a fitting name for this building as it was build off of the remains of an old stable. The leaking roof never ceases to make things interesting as accusations can fly at the drop of a hat where rain is mistaken for spittle. A squat building with very little remodeling done, each stable stall is taken up my some kind of gambling table. From dice, to cards to knives all manner of despicable drudgery can be found here, just like the clientele. Those that frequent the Mare are no strangers to sin and they have the scares to prove it, be very careful when in this buildings perimeter for nothing and no one is sacred. Some have reported seeing the use of Hollowed Cyvasse Pieces in the den.