Name: The Bastards Roost

Type: Tavern
Location: The North (Skyhaven)
Size: Small
Condition: Filthy

Inhabitants: Skyhaven residents, Traders.

The Bastards Roost serves as a respite for the people of Skyhaven from their cold, boring lives, as well as a sanctuary for those who pass through the hillside. It was built shortly after the migration of the towns population back to the lands below. With their reliance on supplies from below, a place was needed to keep traders well fed and rested. The beer is shit, and the beds are hard, but with no other options, people make due. The inside of the tavern consist of a many rotting wooden chairs and tables, as well as a bar that is just a wooden slab rested on two barrels. Dust litters the entire building, as well as cobwebs. Several cats roam the building, often stealing scraps from the customers, yet completely ignoring the rats. A wooden latter connects the base floor to a loft were several straw beds are scattered about. There is little privacy to found here, and it is often colder than it is warm, yet The Bastards Roost still sees a steady supply of customers.