external image 161ca8db991f91f1caa08b4cf0620a9b.jpgName: Tempest Hold
Location: The Stormlands
Type: Castle
Size: Small
Condition: Older, but moderately restored and maintained.

Inhabitants: Channer Rhyferth, Darius Rhyferth, Elyse Rhyferth, Larris Varner, Asten Errol, Tareth Merrick, Cerran Fender, Maester Kober, Darlyne Storm

Tempest Hold is the home and sole bastion of House Rhyferth. It is located amongst the Dornish Marches and was initially constructed during Aegon's Conquest. It served as a home for Aegon's troops assigned to attack Dorne. Due to Tempest Hold being used primarily as a troop garrison, it never saw much action during the Dornish resistance. As time went on the necessity for the castle faded and was acquired by House Selmy. After the tragic death of Garon Selmy, Tempest Hold, along with the land surrounding it, was gifted to Ronard Rhyferth by Lyonel Selmy for Ronard's selfless attempts to save Garon.

Ronard spent the majority of his life restoring the old castle and establishing a settlement around it. Ronard knew that being the only fortification of House Rhyferth it was important that it could withstand both invaders and the elements. However, with Ronard's demise came the slow decline of Tempest Hold. Channer Rhyferth's poor decision making and overall ineptitude reflected directly in the castle. What once was a prosperous stronghold for House Rhyferth, again finds itself lacking former glory and looking for restoration.

Tempest Hold sits adjacent to Rhyferth's Creek and is comprised of a stone wall surrounding its keep. There are two tall stone towers that sit amongst the walls of Tempest Hold. They serve as strategic lookouts for potential enemies across the grasslands and are often patrolled by the garrisons stationed throughout the stronghold. The keep houses many of the nobility of House Rhyferth. This includes a special tower for Maester Kober's library and aviary, as well as specific quarters for guests, the master's chambers, and the barracks for the personal guard too.