external image il_340x270.611920459_5jut.jpgName: Targaryen Signet
Category: Ring
Size/weight: 0.1 oz
Rarity: One Of A Kind
Value: Priceless
Uses: For Collectors / Nobility

Location: Waterfront

Description: One of the most prized possessions of Groad "Toad" Tunder. Located in the case at the back of his shop. If asked the price, he will angrily croak, it is certainly not for sale for any small price. Some believe it once belonged to a Targaryen king that ruled before King Robert and Queen Cersei, but none can say for sure. It is a dazzling silver band with a black stone. Upon closer look the onyx stone has a ruby three headed dragon inlaid inside of it. This is an item that certainly wasn't made by Toad, it took true jewel crafting skills to make.