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Name: Tacy Spenler
Sex: female
Archetype: Servant
Location: The Sand Borough
Affiliations: none

Character Background and Description

Raised by a struggling young mother, Tacy Spenler was born without knowing who her father is. Sadly, this is common for daughters of prostitutes in the seedy underbelly of King’s Landing. In her youth, her mother would try to instill dreams of grandeur in Tacy, hoping that one day she might escape the wretched living conditions of the Flea Bottom. On the morning of her tenth birthday, Tacy’s mother had been trampled returning home after a evening of working. Suddenly alone, Tacy had to take control of her destiny.

After years of working as an escort for higher nobles, Tacy would eventually save enough funds to move away from Flea Bottom, and find opportunities elsewhere in the city. Despite the drastic change in lifestyle, Tacy would retain some friends from her past life, and maintains connections to some of the classier escort harems within King’s Landing.

Currently, Tacy has taken up working in the skeleton-crew workforce of The Sand Borough, mostly as a handmaiden to Dornish nobility, but sometimes helping in the kitchen. This experience has garnered an appreciation for the exotic tastes of Dorne, with a backlash of disdain for the upper classes of Westeros. She has also discovered a hidden talent for cooking, often she will change recipes on the spot without the head Chief's knowledge. However, she is still new to the advantages of a kitchen, and will sometimes make very very wrong choices.
In time, Tacy will do what she can to reach her life of leisure, even if it meant returning to her old escort ways.