external image Nature___Sea_Beautiful_rocky_coast_060405_29.jpgName: Sunfall Coast
Location: Westerlands
Type: Coast
Size: Stretches from south of Banefort, to north of the Crag
Condition: Varies between rocky beaches and stunning cliffs
Inhabitants: see Nemisport

Sunfall Coast is a section of coastline under control of House Eisengold. It borders the Sunset Sea in the northwestern section of the Westerlands. Situated along its shores is Nemisport, the port town belonging to House Eisengold. Sunfall Coast is so named for the illusion that the sun falls into the sea at this location.

The coastline is varied between cliffs and beaches, and they are not calm ones. Beaches are more rocky than sandy, situated between cliffs that jut out into the sea. These natural rocky shapes can make excellent defense barriers. Vegetation along the coast is sparse in most areas, as the rocky shores and crashing waves strike down any life that tries to grow, but calmer sections of the coast can witness hardy grasses and trees taking root.

Fish is plentiful here, though the waves will often bring the unsuspecting ones to shore. This also creates large populations of seafaring birds, who roost in the cliffs above, diving down for easy meals. Because of the large population of both fish and fowl, man tops the food chain here. While risky, it is an excellent source of food for brave fishermen and hunters. Sea lions also take refuge on these shores, though in much smaller numbers and in more sheltered inlets. As the crest of House Eisengold is based off of these majestic creatures, some peasants avoid killing or disturbing the beasts out of superstitious fears.

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