640x426_8840_Alchemist_Shop_2d_fantasy_house_picture_image_digital_art.jpgName: Stranger's Sanctum
Location: Flea Bottom
Type: Religious
Size: 1 story tall, roughly the width of a shack
Condition: Fair, somewhat dirty with some wear from age

Inhabitants: A "septon"(Arving Fowler) and three silent sisters. Arewi Mellon can usually be found here, though not a permanent resident.


Not much is known about the history of the house known as the "Stranger's Sanctum." It just popped up out of the blue one day, shortly after Robert's Rebellion. When asked about its history, the septon will insist that the sanctum has always been there, appearing only to those in need of it. There is no evidence to back up his statement, but it dazzles many faithful nonetheless.

The Stranger's Sanctum is a religious temple in dedication to the "The Stranger". The Stranger is the god of death and the unknown, one who is not often prayed to. As a result, the building is usually quiet and it is rare to see more than one person praying at a time. Even on the brightest day, the dark wood benches and walls veil the place in shadows. Poor lightning helps little, the only candles being placed at the back shrine.

There are only two rooms in the sanctum. The large main room is used for prayer and quiet contemplation. No sermons are uttered by the septon, though he may quote "The Seven-Pointed Star" on occasion. It consists of seven rows of benches on each side of a long path to the shrine. Candles surround a painting of the hooded Stranger. Below the painting is an incense burner, set up to burn a dark herb. Activating the burner will produce a rotten aroma, but will usually catch the attention of the septon, often when one least expects it. Rumor says the septon will hear out the faithful's woes, which in some cases include prayers of death of an enemy. This "enemy" may die shortly after, if the Stranger finds him worthy. Otherwise, the person praying might find themselves dead. While there is no proof the sanctum are behind it, rumors plague them still.

The back room is off-limits to the faithful, but some have caught glimpses of various maps, building layout sketches, and an alchemist's burner on a small desk. There are three beds for the silent sisters , who are sometimes seen around the sanctum.

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