Name: Stormrendexternal image _10_54120.1441181531.500.750__92841.1442305353.285.285.jpg?c=2

Category: Valyrian Steel Sword

Size/weight: 3' 6" long, 7" wide, 1.5" thick, 1 pound.

Rarity: Immeasurable

Value: Priceless

Uses: Warfare, Heirloom

A Valyrian steel sword passed down from Lyonel Selmy to Ronard Rhyferth after attempting to save his half-brother's life. It is now an heirloom and prized possession of the Rhyferth family, one of the last vestiges of wealth in the house. It has been well kept and used multiple times by Channer Rhyferth when disciplining his son, Darius. It has rippled patterns down the blade which is common with Valyrian steel weaponry. It has a black leather grip with a lightning bolt on the hilt.

Legend says that it was forged amidst a mighty storm that lasted days and days on end. The blade was tied to the top of the forge and electrified by the storm's massive lighting strikes. When the one hundredth bolt connected with the sword the clouds in the sky were severed in two and the storm quickly dissipated. It would be forever know as Stormrend and would be passed down from generation to generation until it finally reached the hands of House Rhyferth, where it currently resides.