LE65_OatmealStout.jpgName: Stonemason's Stout
Category: Beverage
Size/weight: Light
Rarity: Rare due to it only being sold at one location
Value: Affordable
Uses: Drinking

Location: exclusively sold at Raist's Respite


Originally made from roasted barley from local farmers, Stonemason’s Stout was not much different than other stouts. When the creators started trying out barley from different areas they found the taste to change subtly. Barley from the Reach was fresh and light, but the lands of House Selmy provided barley with a bold mineral taste exotic to most drinkers. The dark colored stout is made from Selmy barley mixed with local oats to reduce the cost. The result is a new recipe for a deliciously bitter and strong taste at an affordable price to both artisan and merchants.

The creators sell it exclusively at Raist’s Respite and by doing so have a discount at the inn. With the popularity of their stout spreading, they have a mind to cancel this agreement. A few merchants have shown interest in investing in their small brewery.