sample_pc.pngName: The Steadfast On Sanctuary Lake
Age: Since the founding of House Sekhmet
Sex: Mixed
Archetype: Garrison
Location: Castle On Blood Lake
Affiliations: House Sekhmet

Character Background and Description
Originally raised by the Bastard On Sanctuary Lake to contest with the old House Osiron, the Steadfast On Sanctuary Lake, colloquially known simply as the Steadfast, are the respectably large garrison of spearmen numbering around 400. Highly trained and initiated young, Steadfast initiates are expected to be proficient in the spear by the age of 20 and a fully functional soldier by 23. Being a Dornish army, it is comprised of both men and women, frequently supplemented by merchants otherwise unable to pay a vendor's fee for their time at the market. On top of their use of spears, the Steadfast are trained extensively in unarmed combat by Pymon Bakmeyas, rounding out their fighting skills to provide excellent military strength, whether repelling outside invaders or quelling banditry in the narrow streets of the market.