Name: Skyhaven
Location: The North
Type: Hamlet
Condition: Fair
Size: Small
Inhabitants: few peasants

Skyhaven was founded in the early days of house Fenshaw, when bandit raids were still prevalent. A hillside location near the Rills was chosen, as it proved difficult for the bandit's who were used to a lowland attacks to mount an effective assault. Due to this safety, many peasants flocked to this haven, causing the hamlet to swell in size. However after Lord Erric had successfully pushed the bandits to the fringes of Fenshaw lands, many people returned to the more habitable lands bellow. Still some people remain, the men of the North are suborn and slow to change.

Today Skyhaven consist of several densely packed wooden shacks that house it's few hardy peasants. A small filthy tavern, The Bastards Roost, serves as a spot of rest for those passing through the hills, or a place for the townsfolk to get drunk. The town relies on hunting various Hillside creatures to supply its food, however many of it's supplies must be imported from bellow.