SirensBrew.JPGName: Siren's Brew
Category: Drink
Size/weight: sold by barrel to taverns; sold in mugs at taverns
Rarity: Common
Value: 4 CP per mug
Uses: Drink

Location: Night Angler

The signature drink of Night Angler, a brewery in the Waterfront, Siren's Brew is a bitter alcoholic beverage, an acquired taste to be certain. Few people drink the stuff, almost all of them sailors, primarily because of the salty after taste that it leaves on the tongue. However, it is a choice beverage for drinking contests, particularly because there's a fair chance that neither party will be able to stomach it for more than a few rounds. The exact recipe is unknown, but given the taste and the reputation of the brewery, it's a near certainty that a dash of sea water is one of the ingredients.

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