Name: Silk Adornments
Location: Rhaeny's District
Type: Silk coat and clothing shop
Size: Small
external image silk3.jpg
Condition: Up-kept, clean

Inhabitants: Wealthy customers, store owner Veni.

The Silk Adornments shop is a small shop run by Veni, a wealthy citizen of King's Landing. Importations of unique hand-woven silk from all corners of Westeros brings his well-off customers coming back. The cheapest garment in his store runs no cheaper than 35 silver, more than many make in a month - making his shop quite an expensive place of business for most living within the city.

During the reign of the Targaryen's, royalty would occasionally visit, purchasing the finest quality clothing in his inventory. Unfortunately, the Mad King became a frequent visitor, which by association set his business in the sights of would-be assassins. Luckily nothing ever happened that affected his business, however Veni received multiple letters threatening his life if he didn't give them information about the King. To this day it's unknown whether or not he ever gave out information.