old_man_by_wawachi-d4sisg0.jpgName: Sibas Qorgyle
Age: 54
Sex: Male
Archetype: Criminal
Location: Throughout the city, occassionally outside Brackwell Brewers
Affiliations: N/A

Character Background and Description
Sibas was once a kingsguard during the reign of the mad king Aerys. It was during this time that he witnessed numerous horrific acts, such as the burning of "traitors", that eventually drove him mad. He fled shortly before Robert's forces arrived at King's Landing, spending the next few years traveling before returning to his old home.

Sibas soon turned to a life of crime, mostly centered on petty theft and property damage. He travels throughout the city, "saving" various items from the Mad King. These tend to include kitchen utensils, silverware, goblets, quills, chamber pots, books, and toys. Most victims don't even realize something's missing until long after, often believing they've misplaced it somewhere. Others are confused or mildly annoyed at the lost of their property, but few care enough to pursue the culprit.

Few would realize Sibas' skill by talking to him. He's loud when worked up, often shouting nonsense about the sweet kiss of fire or the Mad King hiding in the shadows. Sibas is prone to rambling, often while waving his walking stick or trusty ladle, "Myna". Most of them time he mumbles cheerfully to himself or others, or laughing at the "ignorance" of others. Though friendly, his beliefs have a habit of making other people uncomfortable. Despite being very obvious "off duty", nobody has ever seen him in action. Few know how he finds food or where he sleeps. Those who know Sibas call him the "gabbing ghost", undetectable in any theft. Very few have been able to use his abilities to their advantage, not willing to put themselves on his level, but those who have consider Sibas to be quite gifted.

Although Sibas has been seen throughout the city, recently he has been known to spend some nights outside Brackwell Brewers, selling clouds and finding homes for his "liberated" goods. His presence there is tolerated by Tae Brackwell, who is one of the only people capable of calming Sibas down during one of his rants. As the thief is typically quiet, and sometimes pitied, Tae doesn't mind Sibas's presence.

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