1343fe254f8bedd9a5c9c6dbc55e48db.jpgName: Shorepeak Mine
Location: The Barrowlands
Type: Iron mine
Condition: Good shape
Owned by: House Fenshaw

Inhabitants: Miners, and persons who are being dealt a small punishment for whatever lesser crime they committed.

Shorepeak Mine is one of the few reliable sources of income that the Fenshaws possess. Although its earnings must be spread across their vast holdings, the mine has kept its owners afloat in hard times. This wasn't always the case however, as bandits used to prowl the trail that connected it with Skyhaven. They were a wily bunch, easily evading the raids of old Ronnet Fenshaw. It took the ferociously precise strikes of his son, Colmar, to drive them from the road. This would be the first of many times that father was to be shown by son, and it set the tone of their relationship for years to come.

In addition to providing the house with a meager, yet steady, stream of wealth, Shorepeak Mine also allows for productive forms of punishment. Any able-bodied criminal that is caught and sentenced for a minor crime; be it stealing, vandalism, or similar misdeeds; will find themselves being shipped off for a few month's work in the mine. Many have found that this form of punishment appears to have a much greater effect than the wounds from a lashing.